Streamlining the Claim Processing Industry Quality Claim Processing with Reliable Data Call Today Today drones are commonplace we are using drones to perform roof imaging because is not detailed enough due to altitude or vegetation coverage Storm / Hail weather search We plot the type of storms that are in the vicinity of the claim address with its associated weather report
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When questions arise about the accuracy of the evaluation, how can it be proven without real-time observation of the damage? The processing pace relies on the speed at which reports can be completed and claims can be reviewed.

It’s even more frustrating to watch costs increase when claims are challenged. That’s why claim centers rely on RapidView solutions to get the documented analysis they need. RapidView offers a variety of services to help get your job done right the first time.

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Saving Time and Money in the Claim Processing Industry

RapidView Claim Center

The full suite of services for the claim center workflow – adjuster, claim examiner, investigative unit, drone pilot, and company management.

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RapidView Adjuster

Offers the analyzed images, weather integration, report generation, workload dashboard, and drone pilot for adjusters, claim examiners and investigative units.

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RapidView Roof

Custom drones for roof inspections and analysis provide images uploaded and analyzed by damage category, size and confidence level for roofing contractors.

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RapidView Weather

Weather data from NOAA and multiple weather reporting agencies document weather for roofing contractors, adjusters, claim examiners and investigative units.

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RapidView Offers What You Need In Today’s Claim and Roofing Industry

Leave “climbing on the roof” to others. Accelerate results by leveraging today’s technology.

No Boots on the Roof

Leverage capabilities of drones with multi-angle camera using AI-based solutions and analysis capabilities

Full Range of Data

Increase accuracy with a damage detection solution uploaded directly to the insurance claim department.

Control Your Costs

Fixed onboarding costs benefit insurance companies of all sizes. Roofing contractors need more roofers, fewer sales.

Multiply Your Efforts

Select your site, define the borders and hire an affordable drone pilot to capture data while you are on another job.

Move Swiftly

Adjusters submit reports with the click of a button. Claims departments move swiftly with a streamlined process.

Be Confident with Accurate Data

Data learning, high-quality images and weather verification helps adjusters identify the source of damage and submit complete reports.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Closing the loop. Tightening the gaps. Streamlining the claims process. Track multiple claims simultaneously.

Claims Analyzed with Objective Data

Consistent information validated with higher confidence. Takes the guesswork out of the adjuster process.

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The RapidView Process

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    Choose Your Type and Level of Service

    A subscription model or one-time purchase. Support available.

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    Capture the Information You need to Get to Work

    Increase team efficiency when you can process claims and verify damage quickly.

  • 3

    Increase Bottom Line. Save Time & Money

    Make more money repairing or replacing qualified roofs with accurate data. Allocate your workforce where they are needed most.

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“I was happy to work with RapidView. Our sales process is so much more efficient when we have accurate weather information and know our customer’s claims will be approved. Our roofing teams are busier than ever!”

Andy Peterson

Roofing Contractor

“I’ve been climbing on roofs for so many years. I’m glad to have finally found a reliable way to have a consistent way to assess what is damage and what is not. I can submit my report and keep moving to the next job.”

Jeff Carter

Independent Insurance Adjuster

“RapidView provides us with the data we need to monitor the history of the claim and make quick decisions. We have confidence in being able to have an objective assessment and have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars already this year.”

Jason Samson

Claim Examiner, Small Insurance Company


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